In my previous essay, I pointed at Microsoft as the source of my nightmares.

I said, “While my essays have been full of fear, I believe that fear is not unfounded.” And I read a thing that contains fragments of that fear. I see both good and bad, but left to my own devices, I'd only see bad and become filled with fear.

I think that's because I know it is not just Microsoft. And I know it is not just law enforcement. And this claims Microsoft turned over records of journalists, members of Congress, and staffers for political purposes by a court order.

Looking back at my essays, a common thread is casual hate. I'm terrified of what modern day technical and political abilities are capable of when they are powered by such a subtle hate.

Sorry if I scared you, I was just scared too.

Turns out, I've been afraid of a social problem that I thought was in need of a technical solution. We the people just stick together, we'll come out alright in the end.

To be clear though, by stick together, I mean we really to end this mass surveillance thing. And like, the hate that justified it in the first place.

And the fear that caused that hate and by logical conclusion the signing of the PATRIOT Act by Bush. And the cancellation of Patriot Act by Netflix. #FreeHasan

Joking aside though, I've yet to hear even a single argument in favor of cataloging every thing about every person so that they can be stop and frisked virtually without knowing their rights have been violated by anybody that isn't a bug-eyed salamander in Silicon Valley.

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