An Invisible Amazon

Junior recruiter on the team sources candidates on LinkedIn looking for candidates with TypeScript abilities.

After finding some qualified profiles, sends them en masse over to the technical recruiter. They filter out the candidates without GitHub accounts. Then they validate the repositories are more than just the standard projects written in a coding bootcamp with VS Code and Copilot.

A candidate that passes this bar is then forwarded to an engineer to see if their published NPM packages are original and practical contributions.

A hiring manager gives them a call to ask a single open-ended question that they will use to make a hiring decision: Tell me about a time you've deployed an application to Azure.

Congratulations. Microsoft officially fixed the broken Silicon Valley interview process.

The whiteboard has been eliminated along with all other forms of creativity.

In my previous essay, I described Microsoft as fully, vertically integrated. An Invisible Amazon.

LinkedIn, TypeScript, GitHub, VS Code, Copilot, NPM and Azure are all Microsoft properties that have the potential to control the entire pipeline from employment screening to screen addiction.

Microsoft has evaded all forms of antitrust scrutiny in the United States of America after they began participating in the PRISM program.

While my essays have been full of fear, I believe that fear is not unfounded. Like I said before, I can't fight this anymore. At least not online.

Anyone want to meet up?

I can make it to San Francisco, Oakland, or San Jose. Down for whenever.