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For the past few years, every company I interact with doesn't get the same email address from me. I'm trying to be as plain as possible with this post, but we're going to go on a bit of adventure. So what I'm really trying to say here is, “You should be doing this too and your privacy is important.”

The rest of this article is why it matters to you, but most importantly, what you do matters for everyone.


Thanks for bearing with me. Starting this blog has given me the catharsis I wanted and was looking for. I'd spent too long living in my own head.

I mean, I still do and still will, but I had a lot I needed to unload there. The conclusion I found is that I don't need to take anyone along for the ride I'm on. I'm more than happy to have travel companions, but I'm done dragging the past with me where it doesn't belong.

To quote Marie Kondo, “Thank you.”

Growing up, I loved Pokémon. I wanted to live in that world, but it's not possible from a fundamental standpoint because Pokémon are not real.

What if we could live in fictional worlds though? What if they're only fiction because we're just not doing them yet?


My career progression happened in the corporate realm. Job titles are essentially meaningless, especially as they have a tendency to change every few years. Some titles eat others and become bloated jargon, see: full-stack engineer.

For the future, we need everyone's tech literacy to improve if we're going to have a successful Solarspace. I think having a ladder to climb with self-promotions can give us all goals to aspire to. It's up to all of us to make this as easy as possible to progress through.


Random memory just came back from my time at Liberty University.

As students, we were required to be in Class Dress and attend Convocation— basically a church service— every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10am.

RAs were required to take attendance for their halls, but as long as you weren't too late you wouldn't get written up and fined.

I typically took advantage of this and showed up barely late.


I started this blog as a way for me to ween myself off social media. This was my intention from when I started #100DaysToOffload after reading this post by Kev. I'm cutting the 100 days short and quitting Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, starting now.

I'd still love to stay in touch, but directly via phone or email.


I feel somewhat guilty for leaving the church, but I also needed time to heal and it wasn't possible there. A church is not a place for dissenting opinions and beliefs. I'm a witness and a victim to scriptures being used to manipulate families and drive them apart. Having heart to heart and human to human conversations becomes impossible when one party always appeals to authority, the scriptures.

I'm a bastard child and I grew up believing it was my moral imperative to save my dad so that he wouldn't go to hell. You can read my exact thought on this matter from a blog post twelve years ago, when I was spiritually well-endowed. At that point in my life, I went a year listening to only Christian music, fasting regularly, and striving for 100% righteousness.


When you meet someone and you shake hands and make eye contact, there's a human connection. In that moment, in that space and time, there's only two people and no one else.

When you connect to someone on social media, there's Facebook or Twitter in between you.

There's an amount of trust you hand over to them to facilitate your connections. Maybe this is good, maybe this is bad. They serve as a shield to protect you, but they also have their own agenda. I won't speculate beyond that for now, but you do pay for these services with your data and these services know you intimately.


Hey, you! Yes, you. I'd like to chat about phones and computers without getting way too... geeky about all of it. Your phone is a very powerful computer, so I'm going to only refer to computers from here on out, just remember I'm also talking about your phone.

The premise is that you've been getting ripped off by nerds for years and I think that's wrong. You probably knew this already, but just haven't had the right words to describe it. I'm happy to help, if you'll continue reading.


I'll keep this brief. Spoiler: He didn't

I'm proud to be an American. I am ashamed of our history, but I'm hopeful for our future. I believe in a free and a just society, but I see there's a disconnect in our country right now, where some things are free for me, but not for thee.

And other things aren't just, like the prison-industrial complex and for-profit prisons. Or publicly traded health insurance companies. Or that we literally have concentration camps on US soil right now.


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