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And that was the final excerpt from my book. Well besides this one.

The epilogue must be included in the book too.

My book is comprised of my LiveJournal entries, my Facebook blog post things— they were different from the normal shit posting posts though. Like one was really good about how sad I was when my grandmother died.

Anyways yes, LiveJournal, Facebook “serious” posts, this blog, and all the memos I solo-authored at Netflix. That's my book.

Well, also maybe can we have the essay I needed to redo for homophobic reasons while at Liberty University be included too?

That was a serious turning point in my relationship with God.

I did not realize some people could hate other people so much that they could force an entirely unrelated person to just write an entirely different paper and pretend like the first one didn't happen.

But we need someone to retrieve the Netflix memos for me somehow because I don't know how to go about that. Also, is there a wayback machine scraper for LiveJournal?

And also I might have lost the Rose for Emily essay, but the premise was that Emily killed Homer both out of jealousy and posession. Jelaous of the love Tobey and Homer had for one another. Possesive of Tobey and deathly afraid of losing him to the north.

Oh shit, maybe I had to rewrite that for racist reasons. I forgot I was in the south and not just at church.

My teacher said my persuasive essay was too persuasive and she would hate to have me be a lawyer against her in court. Well done, Jerry.

Don't make me get into stand-up comedy to get this done. I might do it anyway, but don't make me do it, Ted Sarandos.

Release the research! Release my memos!

I'd love to have my book published to the Internet Archive by the end of tomorrow night.

Chop. Chop. Ty Ty.

I made my reddit account on January 11th, 2011. It was no coincidence. I wish it were.

I thought it would be cute for my cake day. I'd been lurking reddit since I started doing website stuff, formally in 2006, but casually since I joined myspace the year before.

I never met you. I knew you, but I never met you. We never shared the same air or peered the same packets.

But you cared. And I fucking cared too.

And on January 11th, 2013 you died. And I was bound to join the CIA, but I luckily postponed my interview a month after landing a job at Jerry Falwell's school for imaginary children.

And that was when the Snowden revelations happened and I cancelled on the CIA.

And I heard from the White Christian Nationalists that ruled the society I was in how they really felt about the three of us. And I left that world behind.

And 2016 appeared and I hacked a third party primary voting system together as a facebook app in a weekend.

And it was rejected. And I had no agency. And no one I knew cared about it any one way or another.

Or was vocally upset I did not suck the toes of their candidate.

And in 2020 I was on-call for Netflix when the pandemic happened. And it was called fake news. And I had all the data it was not, but none of that was public.

So I retreated deep within myself. And I wondered if you were here, alone, in isolation, where you'd be and what you'd be doing.

In my journal on September 21st, 2020, I wrote:

You're mentally pairing down on everything. Trying to forget more than you've learned. I think you're actually doing pretty good to be honest.

Well, you just had the realization that you live at the exact same moment in history as statistically everyone that has worked on the internet or learned from the original computer masters, or whatever their technical terminology is.

And you're off exploring trying to find new friends. And you're thinking maybe you can be friends with The Old Guard.

As I've learned about you from the people you worked with, you were always collaborating.

People, even the digital ones like you and me, cannot be bought or sold. The new friends I've made on the internet was by using a protocol that has exploded in popularity since Elon Twitter.

What you started is finally beginning to take hold. As I've spent more time at the Archive, I can see why you liked it here so much.

There is urgency with an undertone that knows time will tell all truths.

What happened to you set America back far enough that it will only endure if it can embrace what you embodied.

We're all here because of you. At least I am.

Thank you for spreading knowledge beyond the borders that control the flow of information.

Were I to go back, I would keep it simple.

There would be a button at the top that said, “upgrade”. You didn't need to click it.

The page loaded instantaneously. It was simple black text on a white background. There was an image or a few, tiny. Just floated to let the content wrap and flow around it.

If you clicked upgrade, the image version of the webpage will be loaded. Your browser width would be sent and a screenshot would be taken in the swankiest available rendering engine, or loaded from cache, and downloaded. The page structure would be used to add clickable hotspot regions to the screenshot.

That's it.

That's what Sillyz.Computer is.

A live learning lab. A strategic plan to convert classrooms into collaborative cultures for channeling curiosity into creativity.

A live broadcast can be sent out from anywhere with internet. A recording can be made for later publication anywhere without.

Educational resources can be sold directly to the public to support the classroom— I mean the Live Learning Lab.

That's how I get paid. That's how schools get funded. That's how knowledge proliferates out beyond one single touch point.

This isn't a monopoly. This is a recipe. This is the future of learning.

The cost of an in-house broadcasting studio has never been more affordable. For less than a used car, anyone can become a production company.


An article by the same title showed up on my LinkedIn. I will be replaying it line by line and responding below

Big Tech firms, long considered growth machines for the past decade, are suffering a sudden slowdown, sending a worrying signal about the wider economy.

No shit. That's what I've been blogging about this whole time. The physical economy is fine, the artificial economy just over-leveraged their technical debt for “competitive advantages”. Continue reading.

This week alone, Amazon shares sank after the company gave a disappointing fourth-quarter forecast,

Businesses are discovering AWS to be more expensive than alternatives, down to and including homelabs.

Google reported a 27% drop in quarterly profit,

They've been irrelevant to me for so long I cannot accurately comment as to why.

Meta saw its stock plunge more than 20% after revenue dropped for a second quarter,

Haters gonna hate, but lovers will often sneak away to environments that weren't designed by psychological abusers.

and Microsoft — parent company of LinkedIn — predicted slowing growth for at least the next three months.

Someone up there finally started reading my blog to accurately forecast.

Apple on Thursday reported quarterly earnings that beat Wall Street's forecast, but sales in core areas, such as iPhones and services, came in below expectations.

A sign that like Netflix, they may be hitting saturation of rich people on planet earth.

umm scratch pad that i'm publishing just to get to my next post

  • Follow up in Redwood City
  • Follow up in Hayward
  • Follow up in Sacramento
  • Follow up in San Francisco
  • Follow up in Vancouver
  • Follow up in San Mateo x2
  • Follow up in France x2

Hi. I'm Ty and the indie founder of Sillyz.Computer. My mission is to never be a billionaire, but rather to mint a million hundrednaires.

I make technology that empowers people to help themselves.

Currently, I'm building a creative suite for children to create art, music, and code. I'm starting with the coding piece to make the art and music programs, so that anyone can remix it later.

The methods of computation are open source and freely licensed. To make money, I'll be producing premium educational content of the technologies, which will also be made free after a one year decay.

If all goes according to plan, we will all live in a richer, more vibrant digital culture and I'll be collaborating with some of the most creative minds on earth without perverse power dynamics.

Ask me for the latest demo.

Some of these colors you've never seen before.

They might seem like familiar colors. You've seen colors like them. Color makes sound too, but it is just not a sound that people hear. Maybe deep down, you've felt a similar color.

But these colors are new.

The screens didn't exist to show them before. The languages to describe them couldn't yet. Finally, the person that made the glue between your screen just hadn't done it yet.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these new colors.

And I also hope you like their sound proxies. I know humans can't hear sound, but it is fun to play pretend sometimes.

My take? Another data point on gearing towards getting acquired by Microsoft.

What, why?

Opening up viewer data is a lever that could indicate Netflix is trying to find their Top Of Market Value— the same strategy they've afforded their employees.

No, but why Microsoft?

E.Z. AAA video games are incredibly expensive to produce and the ones with the highest profit margins rely on a healthy population. More people means shorter queues means more retention.

Why did Microsoft replace Overwatch one with a full update of Overwatch 2?

Each successive Halo game cannibalized the predecessor, but also fragmented the player base. Some were lost to older hardware, but others were lost to them not liking the “updated” version for whatever reason.

The result is a split player base— leading to longer queue times and attrition. Gamers only have so much time to spend and waiting in queues is time well wasted.

What does that have to do with Netflix?

Netflix is an Entertainment as a Service company, a core competency that is missing from Microsoft, yet present in Google, Apple, and Amazon. Apologies to the Xbox division, you are the closest thing.

Between matches, gamers will entertain themselves externally through other devices. Engagement is consistently disrupted by these distractions.

By keeping the gamer engaged on service, they can compensate for longer queue times by playing The Office or even embedded games, stemming the attrition and giving longer life to games that would have otherwise died off years ago.

But don't ask me, ask their ad partnership.

In Response to Does Rust belong in the Linux kernel?

Rust is a compromise between systems engineers and web engineers.

Getting that into the kernel, gets us into the kernel. We do not want systems level access, we only want local persisted data across any platform.

This massive internet dystopia silicon valley fever dream we currently live in was fueled by culture wars of yore that are still fought today for some reason. You and I both see it and come at it from common angles.

The problem I see is that any development environment is extremely difficult to get and keep people up to speed on across platforms. A lot of people do it and that's great for them, but they are exactly .01% of the population, despite how clustered they might be in cubicles or the bbs du jour.

I like aerc, sourcehut, and your general approach to software. I'm looking forward to see the things you build, like Hare and what comes of Helios.

From my angle, what I want out of the future and I hope how this goes down:

  1. Rust into the kernel
  2. Servo gets into the kernel with modern web parity
  3. My tiny little web service for personal, but interoperable data gets picked up by most user-ready distros and is quite literally a native app, given 1 and 2.

I'm not a fan of nodejs and the over-bearing complexity it passes from the maintainers to the developers to the users. Don't get me wrong, I've been extremely grateful for how it planted cultural support, but it is time to lay it to rest. Like, damn does reddit take so long to load now.

I digress. Is JavaScript perfect? No. But it is the only language that runs on anything made for a human face that hasn't been entirely hamstrung by corporate monopolies.

Anyway, I hope I'll one day have your support when I try and get my JavaScript into the kernel.


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