Hey, I'm doing better. Today is my birthday. I'm 32 years old.

I still have constant dark thoughts about the state of the world and the role technology plays in various forms of exploitation. I'd love to help fix a lot of that.

But I can't. I'm just one person. I tried this year. I wrote everything down. I raged against the machine. I mentally and emotionally took on the weight of the world.

Ended up smothering myself a bit, if I'm being honest. I became my work. My work became me. I became one with the computer.

I grew a lot. I learned a lot. I'm prepped to fight again in the future. First, I need to recover.

I need to get out of the house. I need to do the things I stopped doing in pursuit of acquiring knowledge, resources, and allies to stop Microsoft and the other goons.

I spent my 20s pit against an enterprise with bottomless pockets. I fought them with open-source software. A tool I thought was not corruptible, but they found a work-around with AI. Might not be fully legal, but that will not get settled in the courts in my lifetime.

They are now fully, vertically integrated. An invisible Amazon.

There's nothing left I can do, apart from perhaps testifying before Congress in an anti-trust case as an expert witness. Please summon me to testify using the professional experience I've accrued this past decade.

Enough of that shit though.

I'm going to play disc golf again. I'm going to play footbag again. I'm going to find people to play ultimate frisbee with.

Had coffee with a new friend this morning. Looking forward to the many new friends to come. I'm glad I cut all the toxic shit out of my life.

This is the best I've felt on my birthday in a long time. Shit is just not my problem. At least, it's not JUST my problem.

If I can help you in this invisible war, let me know. I'm happy to help.

Let's collaborate.