Prepping for a party today. Chili is cooking, V is making deviled eggs. We always squabble about the eggs. She likes mayo, I like miracle whip. She likes dill relish, I like a dash of sweet pickle juice.

I can't say mine are better anymore. It's a subjective debate. All I can do is try a bite and say: “I can't give you any advice, you're targeting a different flavor profile and I support you, but you're on your own here.”

Last year I talked about some heavier stuff thinking about our nation's history. Don't need to do that anymore because we've got all of our shit together down here now.

Unlike our neighboring Canada, we didn't have any sort of formalilzed system for killing indigenous children with the social endorsement from the church. Right? Right?? As far as I know, we only had pray-the-gay-away camps. /sarcasm (but also like, Christian Gays make the best lovers so thanks for the band of brothers, Jerry Falwell)

Anyway Canada, be more like us next time. Not blood thirsty, money hungry, and power insatiable.

We've got some things we can learn from you too, but let's just start with “genocide bad” and go from there. Now that you mention it, we can probably do a little bit better down here too.

I'll keep advocating for not oppressing others if you can agree to the same. I mean, I'm gonna do it anyways, but we all need to do our part so don't be a dick.

Thanks Canadians.

Cheers, Americans