Simple Reproducible Builds

I'm not much of a chef, but I've got a yearly tradition: On Super Bowl Sunday, I make Chili. I'm not much of a football fan either, but I like a good excuse to socialize. Well, most years anyways.

Still though, tradition remains. I approach cooking like I approach my code. I like keeping simple things simple. My chili is one of those things.

  1. Dice onions (or if you're me, SLAP CHOP them), brown them low heat
  2. Dice all peppers and mix with onions when they begin to brown
  3. Mix everything in a crockpot, 6 hours high or 8 hours low

When adding Cumin and Chili Powder, be bold. Use more than you think is sufficient. For non-vegetarian, add 1 lb browned ground beef. For extra spicy, add diced habanero peppers. Use a spicier pepper sauce.

[*]: For Pepper Sauce, I use Palo Alto Firefighters, since it's local and awesome. For my spicy chili, I use the Habanero one.

Fun fact about the Pepper Sauce: I used to always get it from Whole Foods since it was right around the corner from my apartment. Whole Foods became a mainstay in my life for a time; mostly their hot bar and burritos.

One day, Amazon bought Whole Foods and it slowly stopped being awesome. I started buying my sauce from any local Philz. It's important to not be stuck sourcing your dependencies from Big Tech, especially for something as essential as food.