The Web is Pretty Okay

A response to The Web Is Fucked.

My blog here started in entire agreement. In fact, I started with 100 days to offload. I was using fosstodon regularly. I ventured into an entire subculture I was never going to kick it with under the guidance of MAMA G.

And that's just it.

I've had a great time since leaving MAMA G by the wayside. MAMA G is not the web. MAMA G is the “compassionate” welcoming committee to the web. MAMA G doesn't want to own the web, but operate it.

MAMA G can only operate the web with attention.

I've been starving MAMA G and I've stopped suckling at her teat.

I've grown up. I've moved out of the house.

I did this all with an enormous amount of help from the web.

Just yesterday, I filed an issue on my linux distro and with a little friendly communication, it was fixed on my machine with a standard update in seconds. That fix also resolved someone else's on-going issue that was stagnant.

That was pretty neat.

The cool thing about the web now is that it is SO BIG. That makes it so there is more bad stuff every year. But there's also more good stuff than there ever was.

And the cool thing about the web is that it lasts forever. Sometimes things decay and die and go away, but those things were never the web. They were the last throes of imperialism.

I've used the web as therapy this past year. My biggest piece of advice is that the internet is a very, very, very, very simple formula.

vibes in equals vibes out

Like, you reap what you sow. You get back what you put in.

If everything is fucked, you'll only see fucked things.

Sure, things are broken and we can't fix them, but those things were never ours to fix. Maybe we should focus our collective attention on the things we can change.

There's enough of us now to make some really cool things happen if we let them.

The web is pretty okay.