The State of Religion

I got called a “Recovering Christian” the other day.

No single two words have ever cut me so deep.

My aunt texted me the other day and quoted a verse from Revelations at me in what I assume was good faith and encouragement.

The context to me was anything but.

I left the church after realizing I was complicit in manipulation and abuse; as a leader.

My friends left the church after standing alone when choosing peace over power; betrayed.

The remainder that stayed did so for personal gain or out of desparation; shame and sorrow, respectively.

I was always at the bottom. I was supposed to stay at the bottom.

I never knew my place down there.

Do I believe the premiere message of Jesus is that The State and The Religion will cooperate to oppress and crush the outliers of society and the only way to survive it is together with love? Hell yes, count me in.

This “Recovering Christian” and “Come to Jesus” bullshit though. That's textbook othering and I'm not here for it, I never was, and I never will be.

Instead of trying to “win me to your team”, come help me change the world.

We're all just squids in a game here.