The Quiet Part

My great grandmother was a critical figure in my upbringing. She was the first woman that worked as a comptroller for Sears and Roebuck. They were the of their day.

This was even a possibility due to women gaining access to civil rights. Since the dawn of time, man has held power over women. We live in a critical slice of time where men do not control women— at least in the United States. At least for now.

To keep fighting for the liberation of people everywhere— Ukraine. Palestine. The other places, like Africa. We need to stand up here. Online.

Centralized digital services are beginning to fracture. The world has been at war with propaganda. The ultimate culture war.

Yo. I cannot even tell you how many bots. Too many bots. “Good” bots and “evil” bots. Some that “work for” the centralized digital services. Some that “work for” the interests of their creators.

The solution is humanity. If we are going to survive a global digital awakening, we must be true.

We need no more “good” and we need no more “evil”. We only need to lay balance between the “superior” and the “inferior”. Yin and yang.

We need connection. Direct connection to one another.

This is an inevitability and the market is responding accordingly.

Some are disconnecting entirely. Others are seizing control for themselves. Many have no idea the undercurrent of digital society is shifting. Most don't even have access to information and communications.

We are at the beginning of another phase of the internet.

The future is highly uncertain: will our digital technology divide us or multiply us?

That depends on each and everyone of us.

When we reach for out beyond the sixth sense, will we seek truth or will we deal in fear?