The other Hack Club

2004 I built my first computer. In a classroom. With disassembled parts from other computers.

I discovered alt-tab to validate my answers before submitting my online Cisco course quizes.

A few of us were hand selected super nerds that were really into computers.

I wanted to build computers one day. I was advised software might be the more prudent career path.

That was great advice.

The three of us were granted access to a back room with shelves and shelves of old computers.

Our job was to install Linux.

I don't remember which distro and which machine. If I had to guess, it was Red Hat and a Compaq.

We certainly named it Steven.

We named them all Steven.

I don't even know what we did with them besides install Linux on them.

We were so conditioned to Windows.

We were so powerful. We didn't know what to do with the power.

We just knew we had it.

I nurtured it. I became even more powerful.