That time I tried to buy some books

Chat started on 13 Jul 2022, 02:27 AM (GMT+0) (02:27:11) *** tyler joined the chat *** (02:27:11) tyler Hi, i bought books and cannot download them. the website keeps logging me out too.

i need the files in epub or pdf format for my device. (02:29:12) *** Marina M joined the chat *** (02:29:43) Marina M Hello, Thank you for contacting VitalSource Support. Before we begin are you a Bookshelf or Acrobatiq Course User? (02:29:50) tyler Bookshelf (02:30:35) Marina M In order to better assist, may I please have your full name, the email address, and the name of the organization, company, school, or university (if your account is enrolled in one of them) you used to register with VitalSource Bookshelf? (02:31:05) tyler Tyler [REDACTED] and i'm an individual (02:33:30) Marina M Thanks. We also need the complete title of the ebook, please (02:34:06) tyler five books total: (02:34:08) tyler Alfred's Basic Adult Piano Course, Lesson Book 1: Learn to Play Piano with this Esteemed Method (02:34:13) tyler Performing Electronic Music Live (02:34:18) tyler One More Thing (02:34:22) tyler Principles of Game Audio and Sound Design (02:34:27) tyler Getting Gamers (02:36:35) Marina M Thank you so much for providing that information. Please note the following information We apologize for any confusion regarding the format of your digital material.

All VitalSource digital material is in a DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected format, meeting our partnering publishers' requirements. The DRM is to protect the copyright, and we are not allowed to distribute digital textbooks as PDF files or allow exporting of source files as a PDF file. Our Terms of Use outlines this requirement by our partnering publishers.

VitalSource eTextBooks can only be downloaded and accessed through the free Bookshelf application found at the following link:

Please note that you also have the option of accessing your digital material via Bookshelf Online from the following link: (02:37:05) tyler I will need a refund for all five book, please. (02:38:36) Marina M Oh I see. The system indicates that the book could be refunded. So sorry I have an issue with the server to do it from this end. Would you be so kind to get that by yourself? The instructions are: Go to the User Account icon (The Head and Shoulders) and click “User Info.” Click on Transactions, locate your order, click on “Details,” and then click on “Request Refund.” Fill out the form and click the Refund button. Refunded purchases will show up in the Refunded Items section in Your Account Center. Please Note: Once you complete your refund request, it may take up to 2- 10 business days to post back to your account. This action only needs to be done one time. Please take your time and let me know if everything went well with your refund (02:42:00) tyler done, thank you.

can you forward the message along that this was “a total bummer of an experience”. I want that message to reflect on the DRM and publishing contract and not you.

Marina, you were fantastic, thank you for your help tonight. (02:43:00) Marina M So sorry for this frustrating issue, Tyler. Sure, I could forward your message, no worries. Is there anything else that I can help you with today? (02:43:20) tyler That's all, take care! :) (02:43:51) Marina M Thanks! Please have a nice evening! Thank you again for contacting the Bookshelf support line. When you are done with the chat, please go to Options at the bottom of the chat window and press the “End this Chat” button.

You will be receiving a transcript of our chat today. (02:44:56) *** tyler has rated the chat Good *** (02:44:56) *** tyler has commented: Marina was very helpful, but I wish I didn't need to request refunds for books I was very excited about reading. *** (02:44:56) *** tyler left the chat ***