Sorry Drew, but JavaScript is next.

In Response to Does Rust belong in the Linux kernel?

Rust is a compromise between systems engineers and web engineers.

Getting that into the kernel, gets us into the kernel. We do not want systems level access, we only want local persisted data across any platform.

This massive internet dystopia silicon valley fever dream we currently live in was fueled by culture wars of yore that are still fought today for some reason. You and I both see it and come at it from common angles.

The problem I see is that any development environment is extremely difficult to get and keep people up to speed on across platforms. A lot of people do it and that's great for them, but they are exactly .01% of the population, despite how clustered they might be in cubicles or the bbs du jour.

I like aerc, sourcehut, and your general approach to software. I'm looking forward to see the things you build, like Hare and what comes of Helios.

From my angle, what I want out of the future and I hope how this goes down:

  1. Rust into the kernel
  2. Servo gets into the kernel with modern web parity
  3. My tiny little web service for personal, but interoperable data gets picked up by most user-ready distros and is quite literally a native app, given 1 and 2.

I'm not a fan of nodejs and the over-bearing complexity it passes from the maintainers to the developers to the users. Don't get me wrong, I've been extremely grateful for how it planted cultural support, but it is time to lay it to rest. Like, damn does reddit take so long to load now.

I digress. Is JavaScript perfect? No. But it is the only language that runs on anything made for a human face that hasn't been entirely hamstrung by corporate monopolies.

Anyway, I hope I'll one day have your support when I try and get my JavaScript into the kernel.