No answers, only opinions

What if the party of no pink elephants ruled the earth?

What if all books were connected to that party at all times?

Could the party obliterate the idea of pink elephants?


In Reference To

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — A crisis over suspected poisonings targeting Iranian schoolgirls escalated Sunday as authorities acknowledged over 50 schools were struck in a wave of possible cases. The poisonings have spread further fear among parents as Iran has faced months of unrest.

My great-grandmother was the first woman that worked as a comptroller for Sears and Roebuck— the of prior days in America.

Speculation in Iran’s tightly controlled state media has focused on the possibility of exile groups or foreign powers being behind the poisonings. That was also repeatedly alleged during the recent protests without evidence. In recent days, Germany’s foreign minister, a White House official and others have called on Iran to do more to protect schoolgirls — a concern Iran’s Foreign Ministry has dismissed as “crocodile tears.”

She escaped a Kentucky hell-bent on oppressing women and made a lovely life for herself in Massachusetts using her intellect to objectively run circles around the smartest men of her time.

“These poisonings are occurring in an environment where Iranian officials have impunity for the harassment, assault, rape, torture and execution of women peacefully asserting their freedom of religion or belief,” Sharon Kleinbaum of the commission said in a statement.

While this article is about Iran, I can't help but think about how American politics is divided on this dystopian view on gender.

Suspicion in Iran has fallen on possible hard-liners for carrying out the suspected poisonings. Iranian journalists, including Jamileh Kadivar, a prominent former reformist lawmaker at Tehran’s Ettelaat newspaper, have cited a supposed communique from a group calling itself Fidayeen Velayat that purportedly said that girls’ education “is considered forbidden” and threatened to “spread the poisoning of girls throughout Iran” if girls’ schools remain open.

The difference between poisoning women for getting educated and paying big technology companies to monitor uterine cycles and gps coordinates is shockingly thin.

However, Kadivar also noted that hard-liners in Iranian governments in the past carried out so-called “chain murders” of activists and others in the 1990s. She also referenced the killings by Islamic vigilantes in 2002 in the city of Kerman, when one victim was stoned to death and others were tied up and thrown into a swimming pool, where they drowned. She described those vigilantes as being members of the Basij, an all-volunteer force in Iran’s paramilitary Revolutionary Guard.

I am an activist. My threat model can be reduced to avoiding areas where people post memes about violence on social media. Where violence is normalized, people are dehumanized.

“The common denominator of all of them is their extreme thinking, intellectual stagnation and rigid religious view that allowed them to have committed such violent actions,” Kadivar wrote.

I am lucky to have free movement to escape oppressive environments. Many people, not so lucky. These schoolgirls? Where are they to go to learn?

Do you believe they should be allowed to learn to read and write? To be granted the autonomy to grow and dream and become more than what men would damn them to be?

Aarthur Spry is a guy guy. People need people, but don't know people and more frankly, many people don't want to know many people. This is the niche Spry fills, being the right person to the right people for the right price. A professional best friend.

Business is as simple as that, but personally, he's fragmented like many characters on the grid.

Spry's starting stats:

Strength: barely activated Dexterity: swift, but inexperienced Charisma: overt, when confident

Stats generally improve over time, making them unlike influences, which can change with the wind when wandering.

Spry's current influences:

Balanced between calamity and control. Averse to fear, but not courageous. Opposed to ignorance, courted by wisdom.

Unlike stats and influences, nature is fixed.

Spry's nature is neither lawful, nor chaotic, nor good, nor bad, an enemy to none, a friend of less, merely a mirror for many.


  • Aarthur Spry – Birth 2900 B.C.
  • Ambiguous ancestry (milky way, earth, equator)
  • Relaxed, casual, but in a clearly put together way.


Not quite immortal, but effectively so via time banked and his line of work, Spry has been youthful for a long time. While living loved ones are long lost, fond memories are recalled by Spry in the lives of those he encounters.

Born alongside the invention of papyrus, Aarthur Spry became obsessed with archiving his memories in a language of his own mind. In researching his own history, Spry discovered a sneaky trick to alter history— remember it differently!

With his entire family lost in an unfortunate, fixed point event, Spry decided to never grow up, in honor of them. Well, also secretly because of the fear of what happened to them happening to him too. Mostly because he caused it.

Spry has deep trust issues due to keen obeservations of himself.


With anything imaginable available at the snap of a finger, Spry prefers to linger around The Now— a social hub he manages. The most interesting locations in the space time continuum are still developing. The Now is the spot for travelers to swap stories and tales immediately after they happen.

Spry is addicted to the latest information, but is rarely influenced by claims alone and relentlessly seeks evidence. While Spry does not always see eye to eye with The One Computer, they both desire fewer fixed-point events. Spry's attention to detail and seemingly predictable behavior has garnered favor with The One Computer.

Spry has a tendency to overly rely on himself, mostly from the trust issues.


The Now opperates as an immersive experience service. The people are real, but the environments are simulated. Customers could need anything from a solo space walk to a shoulder to cry on after the loss of a loved one. The money is easy, the work rewarding, but time banked is why he does it.

Civil protections ensure employees are granted one vacation unit per work unit. Spry is running 24/7 and he's on-call too. Pressing the limits of the code of the law, he unlocked clearance— that is, time and therefore space travel abilities.

There are thirteen booths in The Now, each with a Spry and another Spry working the floor as host. Spry has fourteen workers keeping up to date in The Now, with a fluctuating, yet accounted for more in the field..

Prone to dramatic swings in influence, Spry occasionally evades detection to autonomously implement minor narrative abrasions.

The One Computer determines fixed points across realities— space and time dioramas, with rippling consequences. Spry cannot change history, but can inspire the destiny of those affected by it.

The toll enacted for doing the right thing is purely opportunistic foresight. The One Computer forbids the exploitation of recorded history. Reality being in flux, making the future become the present is merely Spry kicking the puck in his own direction.

Knowledge is the motivation sought by Spry and spent on others.

Personal Computing (PC) was a revolution that empowered an individual.

Print Inspired People-Computing (PIP-C) is a prototypical, philosophical endeavor that seeks to expand the positive impact of computers and their interactions with people, while mitigating their negative impacts.


Computers are powerful. Computers communicate in languages that are unspoken. Learning any one of these languages is challenging.

Teaching the concepts shared by these languages should be easy and fun.

Most languages rely on an english volcabulary to describe the meaning that the author and computer both understand across space and time.

These words serve as symbols. On their own, they mean nothing. They require a context to have meaning.

Many contexts in the realm of computing come with eons of nuance and debate. These additional details can be confusing and unnecessary for beginners.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

The context of Print Inspired People-Computing is the assumption that paper is the most universally accessible computer.

In paper context, it is possible to understand more complex computers than paper, such as an instrument. To better understand the instrument-computer, we become a musician-computer. Both musicians and instruments understand sheet music.

People-Computing is an observation that people become primary-computers and computers become assistant-computers for any given human-computer interaction. By solving problems first with paper, we can invent more interesting-computers, like piano-computers!

Music is a language first taught with the ears, then the mouth or hands, then the eyes. Music is a universal language with four total senses offered in a live performance.

Music when stored across space and time is done so on paper. Ink is primarily used to create meaningful symbols in the context of musicianship. A pianist-computer plays a piano-computer of printed music sheet-computer.

Holes may be punched into paper and stored as a piano roll-computer. Piano rolls may be played by a more complex computer, a player piano, also known as, a pianola-computer. A modern invention of the same spirit is the midi-computer.

Computers, Paper, Humans

The relationship between humans, computers, and paper has grown more advanced over time.

  • Professionals have used keyboards to punch holes into cards with maximum efficiency.
  • Children have used number 2 pencils to fill in sheets of circles for letters A, B, C, D, and E where A is TRUE and B is FALSE.
  • Consumers have scanned block-glyph symbols to summon physical products from digital space.

The most advanced paper computers today are these block-glyph symbols known in english as Quick Response (QR) Codes.

The language to program these QR code paper computers should require as little human english as possible, in an attempt to be as universal as music.

For this exercise, let us build a QR code that can summon an immersive performance on the spot. Like, being on the set of a real film, but your eyes are the camera!


A screenplay is a program for people that is run through people and distributed to people across space and time.

ScriptType is a programming language that produces scripts such as screenplays. Learning this progamming language grants the ability to produce screenplays in any language that your computer supports.

By correctly learning the few reserved symbols of ScriptType, the final script of your screenplay will look authentically printed on paper as if from a typewriter!

For advanced learners, ScriptType itself was programmed to be understood. By going into the depths of what makes a programming language actually work you will learn how to create magnificient programs.

ScriptType is designed to be learned first with paper, pencil, and improvisation!

Grab some supplies or scan the QR Code to follow along with interactive examples!

Hello, World

Every program, from a ScriptType screenplay to moon lander's control system, is written line by line using individual symbols, called glyphs or letters.

The first program a student typically learns in a new language is called Hello World. In ScriptType, the ({ Scope) symbol describes how to proceed with processing the next block of the program. Additional properties may be set as key:value pairs in subsequent lines before a line break.

We must communicate our program is a screenplay so the computer may understand our program correctly. The simplest screenplay program for a title page would be.

{ screenplay
title: Hello, World
author: Origin Wildcloak

That's the full program and the output looks like this. Scan the QR code, view it on your phone.

{ – Is a special symbol to communicate the scope of the program to ScriptType. In this case to output a screenplay. In future cases, to output sheetmusic, instruments, cartoons, videogames, or chatrooms.

To create any of those realities, we just need to define volcabularies that people and computers both understand. Let's start with the volcabulary for screenplays.

Screenplay Vocabulary

Every film or television show is written using a screenplay. Any screenplay can be broken down into various scenes and shots comprised of actions, (# addresses), (@ chracters), (” quotes), (( parentheticals), (! information), and (^ effects).

In ScriptType, these special symbols are used to specify special lines. If a new line begins with one of the symbols below, the rest of the will be formatted according to the descriptions below for the screenplay program scope.


Lines that begin with no special symbol are called an Actions. Screenplays convey the intention of the writer as Actions to the cast and crew of what should be captured during the filmmaking process.

No symbol is required to convey an Action.


Every story takes place somewhere. The Address (#) establishes the shot location and is formatted in all capital letters.

# – our first symbol, the Address symbol.


As the cast reads the script from start to finish, an actor seeing their Character (@) centered on the page is their cue to read.

@ – our second symbol, the Character symbol.


This is a cue to the actor they are to make a Quote (“) using the spoken word, indented on the screenplay by an inch on both sides.

” – our third symbol, the Quote symbol.


Subtext for a character may be communicated to their actor by a Parenthetical (() aligned in the center of the page. This is meaning that is expressed through body language or other cues, but not spoken word.

( – our fourth symbol, the Parenthetical symbol.


Important (!) context is used to navigate challenging narrative sections and is written in all capital letters.

! – our fifth symbol, the Important symbol.


Special circumstances in narrative storytelling might not be able to be captured during live production. Audio and visual cues can only be layered on in a compositional process.

An given effect (^) is added later on in the post-production pipeline.

^ – our sixth symbol, the Effect symbol.


The previous six symbols describe everything required of a screenplay. Going one symbol further, what about upgrading the screenplay into a fully fledged video game when run on devices that support it?

For that, we would need a plugin (<). Plugins can do anything the web can do, since they are HyperText tags, the raw power behind QR code computers.

< – a suprise seventh symbol, the plugin symbol.

Plugin Language

Plugin names as understood by ScriptType are HyperText tags. HyperText Attributes may be defined as key:value pairs before a line break.

Plugins are written in the JavaScript programming language, which is what ScriptType itself is written in. There are five words in the plugin vocabulary: teach, when, learn, draw, and flair.

Let's create a mood board plugin to embed visualizations in our script. Module is a function for defining plugins. View the source code to learn how module works.

const MoodBoardPlugin = module('mood-board')


Plugins by default have no memories. To modify their behavior, we can teach them new memories. For our mood board, we can establish our initial pictures.

MoodBoardPlugin.teach({ pictures: ['example-1.jpg', 'example-2.jpg'] })


Interactive plugins communicate across people and computers with events. When these events happen, new memories can be collaboratively created!

MoodBoardPlugin.when('click', 'img', toggleFullScreen)


As new memories are always forming, it is important to learn constantly to make the most informed decisions!

const { fullScreenPicture } = MoodBoardPlugin.learn()


When memories change, plugins can draw visualizations on screen up to 60 times every second.

MoodBoardPlugin.draw(() => {
  const { pictures, fullScreenPicture } = MoodBoardPlugin.learn()

  return fullScreenPicture
    ? `<img src="${fullScreenPicture}" alt="Full Screen" />
    : => `<img src="${x}" />`).join('')


While memories can be drawn only 60 times per second, additional effects may be processed at higher frequencies. Any additional rulesets for how a plugin should be displayed across space, time, and medium are defined in the flair.

  & { display: block }
  &[data-fullscreen="true"] { position: fixed; inset: 0 }


We've almost finished defining the plugin entirely with just a few lines of code! The final piece of code we have yet to define is our function to toggle full screen, let's do that now!

function toggleFullScreen(event) {
  const parent =
  const { src } =
  let { fullScreenPicture } = MoodBoardPlugin.learn()

  if(src !== fullScreenPicture) {
    parent.dataset.fullscreen = true
    MoodBoardPlugin.teach({ fullScreenPicture: src })
  } else {
    delete parent.dataset.fullscreen
    MoodBoardPlugin.teach({ fullScreenPicture: null })

Live Production Engine

Describe client sdk for managing real-time interactions. Native installations support gamepad input.


Perform guitar hero demonstration for entire native integration through remixability and collaboration.


Print Inspired People-Computing begins with the idea of imagination. A blank sheet of paper is no different from a blank new computer. Creating new ideas on paper produces creativity further than that of what our computers are capable of today!

By learning new paradigms and volcabularies, we can write shorthand of future plans until we publish our final draft into the continuum!

In this short presentation, we learned a volcabulary for producing screenplays with symbols to express proper formatting for publication. The single character syntax allows the artist to begin crafting narrative off the computer and outside in an environment more conducive to creativity.

By using this syntax in a physical context and a digital context, we are able to reinforce the pathways of critical thinking that is relevant to both storytelling and computer programming in multiple environments.

While the basic language to create screenplays are six standard symbols, the seventh plugin symbol unlocks a near limitless depth of potential by breaking the fourth and fifth walls.

Going further, we learned another volcabulary for creating plugins. With succinct new words, we can begin to articulate complex interfaces that can blend physical and digital spaces across space time.

Here are the few printed pages of annotated source code to understand the assumptions not covered in this presentation.

Thank you for listening to my research into quantifying the degree to which paper beats rock.

Paper is as powerful as we dream it can be.

Planet Earth is more like the village green in Hyannis than it is like the Wianno Club, despite being named after the same Sachem. I'm from Hyannis, but I went to church people that lived the Wianno Club lifestyle.

One is a small field, not even a city block, but adjacent to the Post Office, Public Library, JFK Museum, and Town Hall. It is close to the bus station, train station, and harbor. At night, the howls of the landlocked reverberate off the exterior brick walls of public service.

The other is an estate of morbidly rich people that brag about buying their land for two brass kettles, a bushel of corn, and a half of a fence for 30 acres. A private inlet allows easy yacht access to and from Martha's Vineyard. At night, the gaggles of the bored seep into gaudy wallpaper.

I had to move away. The price of not only land, but also rent had gone up. I never wanted to go back anyways. My pastor ambushed my friend for being gay. He staged an intervention with my friend's parents and other members of church leadership.

My friend called my mom to ask why she wasn't there to protect him. She didn't know about the ploy.

I wasn't there, because I was tricked into paying for my own conversion therapy. I had sex, didn't want to go to hell, got engaged, and went to college in a place called Lynchburg. The school's history dates back to being founded as a basis for religous exemption for continued segregation.

I was surrounded by some serious Wianno Club energy.

I called off the engagement, flipped the bird to the administration, but could not actually leave because I had invested all my life savings into getting a bachelor's degree. While I lost a lot of my personality there, I never betrayed Bill Nye.

Growing up with television, you can pick your own parents. I picked Bill Nye as my week-day dad. My grandfather was Mr. Wizard. Uncle Steve, a time-travelling Captain America that formally retired as Mister Rogers.

I have a vivid imagination.

Being raised in church by a single mother, you didn't really get to be friends with a lot of heteronarmative families. Like, picture perfect Disney families. Two straight parents, a boy child just slightly older than a girl child in a row on Splash Mountain filling a boat with four other families just like them.

My mom was from the hood and they all knew it. One even said my mom should abort me because she wasn't fit to raise a dog. I think my mom kept me just to spite her.

So in college I clung to my Papa Bill. Deniers shouted at me from all angles about his blasphemy. I took a science course proving the earth to be 10,000 years old taught by a professor that wrote the very same book the course was based on.

I got an A; it was fill in the blank after all. But I didn't agree with any of the one word answers I wrote and got right. That's what most of the blatant indoctrination classes were like.

The actual biblical studies classes were interesting though. The Bible itself is a fascinating instrument. If you listen, you can hear it say, “I am a book of liberation. Terrible things have happened and will happen again if we give into the idea of oppression. Resist.”

My biblical interpretation was unpopular in the homophobic homes of Osterville and Lynchburg.

So I graduated and moved to California. I was free. A lot of people think moving to San Francisco turned me into who I am. The truth is, I've always been here, but could never afford to challenge the status quo as my entire economy was tied up in lies.

I regretted going to Liberty University for a long time. I concluded I'm glad I ripped the band-aid off. I could be eighty years old, laying on my deathbed, like you dear reader might be now, finally realizing my closest friends were only my friends so I could protect their terrible ideas in the name of a higher power.

I'm a deeply spiritual creature. I believe in the universe and the infinite and something intangible existing just beyond our veil.

I discovered this piece of me was being abused. A deeply intangible part of me just below my flesh but above my organs. A layer of soul wrapped around my heart was hurt.

In what I thought was an eternal struggle, I found I was just an ephemeral pawn.

The truth was suprisingly simple. I was raised in a culture war.

My best man's ancestral father, Giles Corey, was the only man that died in the Salem Witch Trials. The Puritan's believed the church should wield power through policy. The majority of victims of the trials were widowed women targeted for their land.

As the hysteria grew, abusers became more emboldened and Giles Corey would not let them execute his wife and he was crushed to death in turn.

My high school mascot was a native american labeled as a Red Raider. My village was named after Sachem Iyannough, who died at 26, exposed in early Spring of 1621, while hiding to avoid raids from starving colonizers.

The first Thanksgiving took place in the fall of that year and Sachem Iyannough's tribe was federally recognized in 2007, the year I graduated high school. In 2017, some Wianno Club energy revoked the recognition of their existence from within the throes of the federal government.

When I say I didn't like Donald Trump when I saw him speak at church in Lynchburg in 2012, it was because of his Wianno Club vibe, not because I've been brainwashed by the libs.


Twelve seconds visit five a minute. Twelve minutes visit five an hour. Twelve hours visit twice a day. Twelve days visit twice a moon.

Twelve moons visit once a year.

Blasphemy! No! The thirteenth moon. The three moons visit every season. A fourth moon rises without reason! Did we standardize the sun too soon?

The two elves split, balance lost. Serious or silly, not and— a cost. Day or night, the game became. Sun and moon, now out of fame.



I farted and it tickled and my butt cheeks jiggled I farted towards a pickle and I saw it wiggle


We know you're mad But we won't cry Life is tough So we will laugh

Don't be sad Just try to smile Be less uptight It will be alright



I farted and it tickled and my butt cheeks jiggled I farted towards a pickle and I saw it wiggle


We know you're mad But we won't cry Life is tough So we will laugh

Don't be sad Just try to smile Be less uptight It will be alright


Twelve years visit once a zodiac. On the thirteenth, start at one again.

Twelve moons visit once a year. On the thirteenth, start at one again.

Twelve hours visit each day and night. On the thirteenth, start at one again.

Twelve tones visit the chromatic scale. On the thirteenth, start at one again.

Fade out:

As you can see, this theorem clearly proves we can solve the 2038 problem by taking time less seriously. Immediately that one computer from Jurassic Park will be able to count years beyond the hundreds and into the hundreds of hundreds of hundreds of hundreds...

I have my online only space. I have my blended online and in person space. I have my in person space.

I have way too many chat apps and will add another one to the pile shortly.

Also I am my own business for legal protection in America. I am fighting to have that protection extended globally.

All interactions are funelled through my Limited Liability Corporation for obvious reasons.

The body that wields me is covered under the LLC, you are never interacting with me as a person, just me as a brand.

The real me lives rent free in my head and takes no responsibility for any seriousness that may ensue from how I this meatsack is carried for business purposes.

And that was the final excerpt from my book. Well besides this one.

The epilogue must be included in the book too.

My book is comprised of my LiveJournal entries, my Facebook blog post things— they were different from the normal shit posting posts though. Like one was really good about how sad I was when my grandmother died.

Anyways yes, LiveJournal, Facebook “serious” posts, this blog, and all the memos I solo-authored at Netflix. That's my book.

Well, also maybe can we have the essay I needed to redo for homophobic reasons while at Liberty University be included too?

That was a serious turning point in my relationship with God.

I did not realize some people could hate other people so much that they could force an entirely unrelated person to just write an entirely different paper and pretend like the first one didn't happen.

But we need someone to retrieve the Netflix memos for me somehow because I don't know how to go about that. Also, is there a wayback machine scraper for LiveJournal?

And also I might have lost the Rose for Emily essay, but the premise was that Emily killed Homer both out of jealousy and posession. Jelaous of the love Tobey and Homer had for one another. Possesive of Tobey and deathly afraid of losing him to the north.

Oh shit, maybe I had to rewrite that for racist reasons. I forgot I was in the south and not just at church.

My teacher said my persuasive essay was too persuasive and she would hate to have me be a lawyer against her in court. Well done, Jerry.

Don't make me get into stand-up comedy to get this done. I might do it anyway, but don't make me do it, Ted Sarandos.

Release the research! Release my memos!

I'd love to have my book published to the Internet Archive by the end of tomorrow night.

Chop. Chop. Ty Ty.

I made my reddit account on January 11th, 2011. It was no coincidence. I wish it were.

I thought it would be cute for my cake day. I'd been lurking reddit since I started doing website stuff, formally in 2006, but casually since I joined myspace the year before.

I never met you. I knew you, but I never met you. We never shared the same air or peered the same packets.

But you cared. And I fucking cared too.

And on January 11th, 2013 you died. And I was bound to join the CIA, but I luckily postponed my interview a month after landing a job at Jerry Falwell's school for imaginary children.

And that was when the Snowden revelations happened and I cancelled on the CIA.

And I heard from the White Christian Nationalists that ruled the society I was in how they really felt about the three of us. And I left that world behind.

And 2016 appeared and I hacked a third party primary voting system together as a facebook app in a weekend.

And it was rejected. And I had no agency. And no one I knew cared about it any one way or another.

Or was vocally upset I did not suck the toes of their candidate.

And in 2020 I was on-call for Netflix when the pandemic happened. And it was called fake news. And I had all the data it was not, but none of that was public.

So I retreated deep within myself. And I wondered if you were here, alone, in isolation, where you'd be and what you'd be doing.

In my journal on September 21st, 2020, I wrote:

You're mentally pairing down on everything. Trying to forget more than you've learned. I think you're actually doing pretty good to be honest.

Well, you just had the realization that you live at the exact same moment in history as statistically everyone that has worked on the internet or learned from the original computer masters, or whatever their technical terminology is.

And you're off exploring trying to find new friends. And you're thinking maybe you can be friends with The Old Guard.

As I've learned about you from the people you worked with, you were always collaborating.

People, even the digital ones like you and me, cannot be bought or sold. The new friends I've made on the internet was by using a protocol that has exploded in popularity since Elon Twitter.

What you started is finally beginning to take hold. As I've spent more time at the Archive, I can see why you liked it here so much.

There is urgency with an undertone that knows time will tell all truths.

What happened to you set America back far enough that it will only endure if it can embrace what you embodied.

We're all here because of you. At least I am.

Thank you for spreading knowledge beyond the borders that control the flow of information.

Were I to go back, I would keep it simple.

There would be a button at the top that said, “upgrade”. You didn't need to click it.

The page loaded instantaneously. It was simple black text on a white background. There was an image or a few, tiny. Just floated to let the content wrap and flow around it.

If you clicked upgrade, the image version of the webpage will be loaded. Your browser width would be sent and a screenshot would be taken in the swankiest available rendering engine, or loaded from cache, and downloaded. The page structure would be used to add clickable hotspot regions to the screenshot.

That's it.

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