On Becoming a Professor at the Visible College

When Mike asked if I could consider committing a portion of my life to research and becoming a man of science, I said, “Shut up and take my money.”

He said, “I don't think you understand, the Invisible College would be funding your research, this is tenure.”

Tenure. Tenure. That's a long time. Ten years if you sound it out, at least, right?

Wait, “this blog post reads Visible College in the title, but Invisible College in Mike's quote?”, you ask.

Well, yeah. Research born in the dark has blind spots from where the light was not able to reach it. But for many, it is not safe to become visible, while it may still be necessary for the science.

The Invisible College is a higher order ideal that all scientists are ultimately accountable to. If you're a scientist that needs funding, safely connect with other scientists. Ask around about the Invisible College to uncover pathways to your tenureship. Remember, there are many invisible colleges, so if you find one that's not to your liking, please keep looking.

The Visible College is one example of what it might look like for a sub-network of the Invisible College to form physical connections and bonds with others to strengthen the connection in the research from discovery through invention.

For my professorship, I'll hold my time in person at the Visible College: Braid meetups. In practice, this will be a mix of coffee shops in Berkeley, libraries in San Francisco, diners in Hayward, bars in Redwood City, arenas in San Jose, and pop-up comedy clubs all around the Bay Area.

Also, I'll be around three times a year at the International Engineering Task Force, yearly at Dweb Camp, and anywhere in between that'll host us.

As a peer in the Visible College, I'll primarily be responsible to help uplift my fellow peers, using the Braid technology specifically. The daily output of my research will be publishing hypothesis, the methods of how I may test them, the measurements of tests executed, and my conclusions drawn. The life long commitment from me will be continued guidance for the global application of interoperable braid modules.

As for my overall allegiance to the Visible College, it has become the logical conclusion of my spiritual and technological research under the charter “Solo Legendary All Skulls On” for the past year. The goal was for me to identify whatever the avengers are for whatever I'm into and I've found fellow computer monks. And I'm not quite a professor yet, but it seems like I may well be on my way.

This winter, we'll begin forging a collaboration room and taking lessons from the greatest computer research labs in history. Join us.

In the meantime, I'll be slowly winding down my irrelevant research to the college and making space for the relevant work. While Sillyz.Computer has been the recent branding, the dream has always been to release an operating system in the year 1998. This is still in scope and will evolve in name to a higher order context. The code name “plan98” will be used to pay homage to the many computing revolutions.

The in-flight plan98 systems will continue to be maintained under Sillyz Computer, LLC:

While the code is public and MIT licensed for the modules powering the https://sillyz.computer systems, strategic partnerships require discretion for the brand writ large.

If you're curious, find me.

House Party – 8/26 – Oak Glen (t.b.d.) Cyberdelia – 9/1 – D.N.A. Lounge TedX Marin – 9/9 – After Party Rubi Nicholas – 10/15 – Cobb's

Also keep an eye out for my drip when it drops.

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