Netflix Cancellation

I wanted more than what Netflix had to offer me. I was trying to find my dream role and my strategy is to mountain test. Go big or go home.

I went home.

The truth is: I killed React.

A running joke in tech-circles is “the year of the linux desktop” is always this year because it is never this year. The truth is, it actually is every year for some people.

I didn't actually kill React though, I just killed it for me. Facing all the shortcomings of each version of the language with various supplemental packages for seven years now...

I decided I had enough.

I built something else. I built something simple. I built something to the point. I built something on the web.

I had a hill I was willing to die on. and I died.

I just wasn't having fun anymore, they're just a business: no roles I could find to transfer into. Time to go when downsizing.

I would highly recommend working at Netflix to a friend.