My Best Friend Wrote Something

I'm about to head to Egypt in a couple days.

Didn't really tell my mom until last week. Mentioned it to my dad when I performed his wedding ceremony last month. Didn't tell friends until today after discovering they were in Switzerland and then finding out they're now in Botswana.

I told my best friend though right when it happened. When I realized I was going. When I had to come to terms with my desire to escape the bubble I'm in with the fear of traveling during the pandemic that is still very much not over.

That was before Delta. But I have something most people don't have.

I maintain the internal web application that Netflix uses to make logistical decisions globally surrounding COVID-19. I checked. The virus is way less prevalent where we're going in Egypt than it is anywhere in America.

There's always risk, so make informed decisions.

If you are not vaccinated and you have access to the shot, please, please take it.

Anyway. I wanted to share something my best friend wrote. My journey into detoxing from the internet and regaining a semblance of my mental health began with side-stepping mainstream technology.

Her words in this post convey the desires I share about the journey I've been on this past year or so without needing to come from my mouth.

Truly, more humane technology exists. You do not need to be subjected to digital human rights violations or EULAs, for the laywers in the room.