Mom, Dad. I'm a Software Designer.

I've been working as a Software Engineer. I've been building internet things. Things in the realm between the tangible and intangible.

I might look like an engineer, but I am actually a designer.

I like to dream. I like to invent. I like to believe that things that haven't happened yet can still happen. Then I prove they can happen.

I like things in the realm between the intangible and the invisible. Then I like to heighten the tangibility of the invisible further into our reality.

And I like to do this with other people. People that like to imagine.

People that would have worked with the Imagineers.

Like, Imagininers. Imagination Designers.

I skate the airwaves. I surf the screens. I carve the senses.

I don't like all the things that go into draining the data lakes into data silos and wallets though.

I like it when the whole process is collaborative. With a team effort and transparency.

I like discovering neat things and sharing them with others. And experiencing their discoveries in return.

I live at the intersection of human-and-computer interaction.

I just don't like being a human that interacts with the computer in ways that are against my consent.

I like technology that is designed. Created freely by ideas, not negotiated in a black box.

I'm a Software Designer.