Into the DigiVerse

The Metaverse is dead. Well, it is living dead. The corpos propped it up like a weekend at Bernie's that just never ends.

You have a choice.

Take the blue pill and live in the Metaverse as comfortably as possible until you die too.

Take the red pill and enter the digital world. It is lonely without friends, so it is recommended to not go in alone. Give or take, 13 people can form a strong foundation for a digital tribe.

To make the transition to your new digital life as seamless as possible, it is cool to stick with your current digital device.

At the landing page for the digital world, you'll log in with your pin.

Your pin is 2, 4, 6, and 8 in a sequence up to 128 digits long.

On a capacitive screen, touch or swipe up for 2, left for 4, right for 6, or down for 8. Their positions are the same as on a touch-tone telephone, which you could also use to dial into the DigiVerse.

On a television remote, directions or the number pad may be used. Same with a keyboard. On a controller, the directional pad and joysticks may be used for pin entry.

Alternatively, a Nintendo configuration has x=2, y=4, a=6, b=8. An Xbox configuration has y=2, x=4, b=6, a=8. Finally a PlayStation controller configuration is triangle=2, square=4, circle=6, and x=8.

All this to say, the DigiVerse can be accessed from whatever you have on hand. Personally, I like a Guitar Hero controller where green=2, red=4, yellow=6, blue=8 connected to my DigiVice— a laptop that fits in my back pocket— roughly the size of a Nintendo DS.

Navigating the Overworld of the DigiVerse uses the same input pattern as a paradigm.

While the pin screen remains static for entry, the Overworld is fluid. When you re-enter the DigiVerse, you'll enter where you last left off. To return home, enter your pin again as a cheat code. Or meander back at your leisure.

As you navigate Overworld, you can enter the Underworld to find pocket experiences. The quality and consistency of these will vary— but that is a determination made by you.

These Underworld experiences are able to be added by you in relation to your home, for when you want to access them again later. While your friends can visit your home and you can kick it with your friends in experiences, your Overworld is personal and private.

We're not quite ready for you yet, so there's no rush— but when the time comes, will you take the red pill or the blue pill?