High-Level Solarpunk Skill Progression

My career progression happened in the corporate realm. Job titles are essentially meaningless, especially as they have a tendency to change every few years. Some titles eat others and become bloated jargon, see: full-stack engineer.

For the future, we need everyone's tech literacy to improve if we're going to have a successful Solarspace. I think having a ladder to climb with self-promotions can give us all goals to aspire to. It's up to all of us to make this as easy as possible to progress through.


Technology has no control over your daily routine or livelihood.


You can use a technology, but you're terrified of breaking it the entire time you're using it. The tools you know how to use were handed to you in a functional state and you were educated on the usage.


You're brave. You know you can find new technology and upgrade it. You know why some technology is more suitable than others to solve a given problem.


You have a sense of understanding with technology and can sense the craftsmanship by the people who have built the tools you're using. This helps you solve problems. There has to be a reason something works a certain way, even if you don't understand it yet.


You've found a niche. You can solve problems with this niche skillset that others around you can not.


You've figured out how to reverse-engineer technology. You can dismantle and re-assemble things or forge them into something new.


You can build things from scratch and have full control over your creations.


You can envision systems that do not exist yet and inspire others to assist in their creations.