And that was the final excerpt from my book. Well besides this one.

The epilogue must be included in the book too.

My book is comprised of my LiveJournal entries, my Facebook blog post things— they were different from the normal shit posting posts though. Like one was really good about how sad I was when my grandmother died.

Anyways yes, LiveJournal, Facebook “serious” posts, this blog, and all the memos I solo-authored at Netflix. That's my book.

Well, also maybe can we have the essay I needed to redo for homophobic reasons while at Liberty University be included too?

That was a serious turning point in my relationship with God.

I did not realize some people could hate other people so much that they could force an entirely unrelated person to just write an entirely different paper and pretend like the first one didn't happen.

But we need someone to retrieve the Netflix memos for me somehow because I don't know how to go about that. Also, is there a wayback machine scraper for LiveJournal?

And also I might have lost the Rose for Emily essay, but the premise was that Emily killed Homer both out of jealousy and posession. Jelaous of the love Tobey and Homer had for one another. Possesive of Tobey and deathly afraid of losing him to the north.

Oh shit, maybe I had to rewrite that for racist reasons. I forgot I was in the south and not just at church.

My teacher said my persuasive essay was too persuasive and she would hate to have me be a lawyer against her in court. Well done, Jerry.

Don't make me get into stand-up comedy to get this done. I might do it anyway, but don't make me do it, Ted Sarandos.

Release the research! Release my memos!

I'd love to have my book published to the Internet Archive by the end of tomorrow night.

Chop. Chop. Ty Ty.