Big Brother, MAMA G, and Papa VC

@Snowden: This is not a drill > @matthewdgreen: Reminder to Silicon Valley: there’s an even chance that many governments in the world will be run by authoritarian movements in the future. Your window to deploy surveillance-resistant systems is running out.


Big Brother

The ad networks. The interlinked data exchange. Where you've been, what you've seen, what you've clicked, what you like, what you don't like.

Or a dosier on how to socially engineer a target.


When big brother steps out of line, they need to answer to someone. Microsoft, Amazon, Meta, Apple, Google. They run the networks. People love these networks for the services they provide.

All five answer to the market. Legally, they cannot protect the data mines, sometimes referred to as human souls, at the expense of the prospectors.

Papa VC

Money comes from somewhere and it doesn't come for free. Money is expected to be lost along the way, but that's made up for ten-fold when oil is struck.

That oil is diverted into two pipelines.

1. Aggregated data

En masse, data is used to infer information about a given population. Conclusions drawn include: war is justified, genocide is necessary, slavery is compassion.

2. Discrete data

This typically results in dead journalists that never get to finish telling their sto