And I deliberated

And deliberated. It has been years since I've brought my Bible anywhere.

It used to just be me, a bag, and that book.

I spent a summer sleeping in an Eno (parachute material hammock) in Puerto Rico.

I feel like I'm packing pretty lean for tomorrow. Figured hell, might as well.

Never know when I might run into someone just as curious as I am. Like, as curious about Christianity as I am about Islam.

I can just picture a serious discussion slowly unraveling into a casual,

“What the fuck has been going on with the people who worship our God dude?!”

My importantly though, I'll be bringing my copy of Exploding the Phone (ISBN 978-0-8021-2061-8).

Also, my Banana Phone since Egypt has the proper cell bands for it. And the right charger. I bought that last December. Had no international trips planned, but super pumped to use it for real for real, if only for a week.

Also also, everything I've packed is what I'd be cool living with, should I just like, not come back.