A Redacted Letter to my Lover

I'm not trying to defend other people or their views or diminish how terrible the news is.

I've gone through immense pain to become who I am today. I'm happy, even though I've left the only life I've ever known behind.

I am fundamentally ostracized from a sizeable portion of my entire upbringing. I was ostracized then too. I do not miss it, but I do still have some good memories that exist outside the intersection of me and a sociological experiment.

I have a hard time staying positive when I am reminded of what I've been through. Liberty University is a literal re-education camp, basically founded to sway cultural influence enough to overturn the Civil Rights movement and Roe vs Wade.

Religion and politics are deeply foundational in how I was raised and why my family was never able to afford a house and why I can't either, despite how hard I've worked and how lucky I've been.

My blog outlines in vivid detail why the combination of Liberty University, Donald Trump, the King James Version, Cambridge Analytica, and closed-platforms getting mixed together is terrifying to me.

I've been watching the world unravel in slow motion since leaving that place.

But my blog doesn't do a great job explaining the Stanford Experiment I lived through. It doesn't capture the psychological abuse.

I'm sorry I wasn't more comforting tonight. I was working on something that gives me hope for the future and I did not want to be dragged back into the past.

Same as you.