10 PM in San Francisco

Standing on the edge of the abyss outside of Mel's Diner. I closed my eyes as I felt the city rush around me.

I took a pause and resonated into an alternate reality.

The cars? No more. The streets? Now fields. The buildings? The same shape, but no longer lifeless empty buildings after dusk. Instead, a different light shines from every window.

The moans snap me back into place. Someone is trying to get my attention to help. Something about just having surgery. I can't help. I think about all the tents I saw earlier.

I think about the person charging their phone through a street light. I thought it was neat how the city provided outlets in the lamp posts. I stared a bit as I walked past. There wasn't an outlet. Just a couple loose wires with the two prongs from the charger attached at their exposures. Hotwires. I'm impressed.

I think of all open floors, open kitchens, and open outlets: high above and all around. Could they help?

Of course not. They're not zoned for helping. Their hands are tied.

My friends are back. I couldn't wait inside with them. I needed some fresh air. I don't know if I got any, but I was glad to see my friends.